• 2016 District Runners-Up

• 2016 Intermediate 50/70 District Champions

• 2017 District Champions

• 2018 District Champions

• 2018 Intermediate 50/70 District Champions



“Dedicated, honest, brings attention to the little things in baseball to make you a well rounded, fundamental and quick thinker on the field. 


With years of the experience under his belt, Rashid builds up his players to young men with the concepts of grit, integrity, and passion. 

Going through 5 years of his ball club I felt that I had drastically improved in the areas that I didn't think were important to build on, which in the long run helped me in high school play at a high level both mentally and physically."

Current High School Varsity Player

“Rashid truly cares about each kid he works with. He’s able to break down all the complex nuisances of baseball to simple steps the kids he works with can understand.  Honestly, his lessons are worth every penny!

Skills-wise, our son was behind the curve compared to the boys who had played since their tee-ball years, but the love for the game was so strong, we decided to bite the bullet and was fortunate enough to hear from another parent about private sessions with Rashid."

Michael Song, Parent

“Rashid exponentially improved our league's level of play in his 3 years as Director of Instruction, culminating this spring with our Juniors team winning our first District 3 banner in many years.”

Carrie Pratt, West Marin Little League

“Rashid has been the driving force in creating the Bucs' on-field persona of well-coached, tough-minded players who always play the game the right way.”

Blake Rhodes, Mt. Tam Bucs

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